The House of Killigrew

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The House of Killigrew

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The Design House of Killigrew, Cardinham | Killigrew LLC, are Purveyors of Fine Gentleman's Shave Products and Curated Accessories, as well as promoter's of the extraordinary and the affluent lifestyle from polo, steeplechases, wine, luxury spirits, sailing, and travel.  The company hand crafts exceptional patented shave kits, straight edge razors, fashion accessories for gentlemen, handmade after shave balms and shave soap, beard oils, and also offers an extensive collection of personalized shave kits, unique groomsmen gifts, curated accessories, polo and equestrian inspired bracelets, and produces educational YouTube videos to support the company and the lifestyle it promotes.  Please checkout our recent interview on MANWANTS. The company uses the finest oils and butters in its luxurious after shave balms and shave soaps and offers personalized custom shave kits with 6 different fabric liners and 12 different scents.

Meet Lord Killigrew

Lord Killigrew, the figure head and inspiration of  Cardinham Killigrew is the 9th great grandfather of designer and owner, Steven Funk.  Mr. Funks relatives, originally from Wales, were land holders in England and married quite well should we say.  Ultimately amassing a fortune and including some interesting nobles and movers and shakers as relatives. They became the Lords of Killigrew after acquiring the estates in Cornwall and previously held short tenure over Cardinham estates after a disagreement and subsequent altercation with the previous land holders, yes, we won, but the tenure was short lived.

The family, seemed to be somewhat renegades, often finding themselves on the wrong side of social and political conventions of the times (a theme perhaps continuing to this day).  After an unfortunate incident involving a fight on Easter Sunday, in church no less, Steven's 9th great grandfather, and Killigrew heir, was expelled, well, he was sentenced as an indentured servant and shipped to America to spend 5 years doing hard labor in a lime quarry, just outside Philadelphia PA.

After serving his time and breaking the bonds of his imprisonment, (a dramatic way to say he was released) the heir to Killigrew stayed in the area and started a family.  His son and grandson also stayed, becoming masons with Benjamin Franklin. His grandson, Samuel, interestingly enough fought against his kinsmen with the 1st Philadelphia Regiment during the American Revolution.  Subsequent relatives fought in the American Civil War, one in the Union Calvary and one with Artillery; one being wounded at the Battle of Chambersburg and returning home.  The graves of the family still reside in the same town where Steve and his family spent their time growing up.  Steven, having preserved his family’s history, documents, and archives keeps this history alive today and Lord Killigrew lives on!  Mr. Funk and his history were reviewed and officially accepted and entered into the castle archives at Powderham; seat of the Earls of Devon, distant relatives of Mr. Funk.  Mr. Funk is also and member of the Courtenay Society, a society of sanctioned relatives of the earls of Devon.

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Steven Funk; Gentleman Extraordinaire

What can we say about this chap; crazed, influential, delusional, creative, giving, funny, and a mad scientist. Many things could be touted, but one thing is for sure, he creates some of the finest shave products in the world and curates great products for the modern gentleman.  His bespoke designed patent pending shave kits have been shipped all over the world and have been a focal point as groomsmen gifts around the globe.  In addition to his quest to create amazing shave products, Steven creates instructional videos for YouTube to promote the art of being a gentleman, covering travel, wine, food, and other gentlemanly activities that promote and support the brand.  Steven is a wine lover, style lover, cook, polo player, traveler, socialite, and social media icon, and some have even said, "a legend in his own mind."


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